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The Unique PBII Weight Ring System enables the balance of your break shot and enhances the stability of each shot.

The PBII, with the innovative Deep Impact Technology, was created for optimal control, custom balance and ultimate playability. By making the butt portion of the PBII approximately 4 inches (10.2 cm) shorter than the average break cue, Mezz has made it possible to reduce the amount of deflection and distortion that occurs at the time of impact. This keeps the power of the player's stroke from escaping and transfers it directly to the cue ball. Additionally, Mezz has also developed and incorporated a unique weight-adjustment system (2-Way Weight Balance System), whereby the weight and balance of the cue can be fine-tuned to suit each individual.

Note: The weight ring balancer of the PBII cue comes with three weight rings. You can only use a maximum of two additional rings. (Please do not use more than a total of five rings).

Wood Color: Black

Butt Wood: Composite Wood

Butt Length: 25 inches

Grip: No Wrap

Shaft: Deep Impact II (13 mm)

Tip: Sonic

Joint: United

Made in Japan

** Customization of Shaft Option and Shaft Length will incur an additional charge.

** Variations in wood grain and color are natural characteristics of wood products. No two items are exactly the same and may vary slightly from the images shown.

** Cue weight requests are at approximations and may not be exact.
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